Prayer Chain

p_chain_logo-300x300When the need for urgent prayer arises, the prayer chain is called to action.

The Prayer Chain is reserved for significant prayer requests pertaining to serious or urgent situations within our church family which includes members and regular attendees. Requests by regular church participants and members are welcome to share prayers for others that they personally know such as family and close friends.

The prayer chain is activated by contacting the current daytime or nighttime coordinator either by phone or email.

Requests will be sent out as an e-mail to the prayer chain as promptly as possible.

Individuals who want to participate as part of the chain must contact the daytime coordinator for approval. She will add the new participant to the current e-mail list.

Any questions regarding participation will be directed to the senior or associate pastor.

We cannot guarantee that any request will not be shared on social media.

Please contact the office with questions.