Foreign Missions

LCBC has assisted in supporting missionaries and missionary outreaches that are involved with evangelism, discipleship, training, church planting, and short-term missions since 1998. In addition, we have supported missionaries who agree with our doctrinal statement, have been connected with LCBC in some way, and those who continue to correspond with our church. Here is a brief bio on each of these missionaries or mission outreaches:

Pastor Sal & Elena Massa (Cross Angle Ministries)


Pastor Sal Massa, Lake Country Bible Church’s Pastor at Large, and his wife, Elena, have been in ministry their entire Christian lives. From 1998 to May, 2017, Sal served as senior pastor here at Lake Country Bible Church, and Elena was our office administrator.

Each year since 2008, Sal and Elena have traveled to Quiet Corner India, ministering there in many ways, from construction programs and medical clinics to participation in some of Quiet Corner’s evangelistic service programs. These include the children and elderly feeding programs and the widows ministry. Pastor Sal has also had the privilege of teaching pastors and church leaders at Quiet Corner and throughout south India. Many students who desired a deeper understanding of God’s word have traveled for days in order to attend the Servant Leadership Bible School.

Now, through Cross Angle Ministries, founded in May, 2017, the Massas are able to devote months at a time to their work and ministry in India. They conduct conferences and teaching events at Quiet Corner and other south India locations through the LCBC/Quiet Corner India Partnership. They are also the hands and feet of Jesus, bringing His love to the lost in villages surrounding Quiet Corner.

The Massas make their home in Estero, Florida, and have four adult children and ten grandchildren.

Thomas & Marykutty Samuel (South Asian Ministries)


Thomas and Marykutty are the founders of Quiet Corner in India.  We partner with them in ministry by sending mission teams to serve in various ways, and also by providing educational support with a Bible school and Biblical conferences.  These programs bring Bible education to pastors and lay workers of India who would have no other opportunity to receive this type of instruction.  Because of our close work with Quiet Corner, our relationship with them has recently been renamed LCBC/Quiet Corner, India Partnership.

The ministry of Quiet Corner includes a program called “Bible Vision,” which delivers Bibles to people in villages surrounding Quiet Corner and other regions of India.  Quiet Corner’s tailoring program and the children-and-elderly feeding program also teach participants the Word of God.  Christmas in the Jungle is their biggest outreach, bringing the gospel to hundreds of men, women and children each December.  Most recently, a program called Widows Ministry has been added to their outreach, and offers food, financial support, hands-on help, and of course Bible teaching to nearly 20 widows from nearby villages.

Will & Kelly Tallman (Ethnos 360)


The Tallmans are presently on home assignment from their full-time missionary service in Papua New Guinea.  Will and Kelly reside in Waukesha, along with their daughter Kayla, who is a senior at Carroll University, and younger children Brad and Kate.  Their eldest son, Zach, is presently attending college in Virginia.  While on home assignment, Will is working to complete translation projects, and the family has been active in ministry here at Lake Country Bible Church.

When in Paupa New Guinea, the Tallmans live in a primitive mountain village where they have brought the Word of God to the Kuman people.  Will’s missionary service there involves Bible translation, Bible teaching, and discipleship.  He prepares Bible lessons corresponding to the books he has translated into the Kuman language.  Kelly teaches a literacy program, enabling the Kuman people to read God’s word in their own language. 

Before Will and Kelly learned the Kuman language and wrote it down, there was no written form of Kuman.  Will and Kelly have also planted a church, where they teach God’s word from the books of the Bible that have been translated, and also train mature believers to be evangelists and church leaders.

When they return to Papua New Guinea early next year, copies of New Testament Bibles will also be ready to be shipped to the Kuman people.  Will and Kelly will then continue to teach, encourage, and build up leadership in the church.