Wpea Bargaining Agreement

February 24, 2023

WPEA Bargaining Agreement: What You Need to Know

If you are a public employee in the State of Wisconsin, chances are you have heard of the Wisconsin Professional Employees Association (WPEA). WPEA is a union that represents over 4,000 professional, scientific, and technical employees in state government. These employees work in various state agencies, including the Department of Transportation, the Department of Natural Resources, and the Department of Health Services.

As a member of WPEA, these employees are covered by the WPEA Bargaining Agreement. This agreement is the result of negotiations between WPEA and the State of Wisconsin. It outlines the terms and conditions of employment for WPEA-represented employees.

Here are some important things you need to know about the WPEA Bargaining Agreement:

Wages and Benefits

Under the agreement, WPEA members are entitled to a salary and benefits package. This includes healthcare benefits, retirement benefits, and life insurance benefits. The agreement also outlines the salary ranges for different job classifications and the process for determining pay increases.

Working Conditions

The agreement specifies the working conditions for WPEA members. This includes the number of hours per workday and workweek, work schedules, and the process for requesting leave. The agreement also includes provisions for overtime, job sharing, and telecommuting.

Grievance and Dispute Resolution

The agreement outlines the process for resolving disputes between WPEA members and their employers. This includes a grievance process in which employees can file complaints about workplace issues. The agreement also includes a procedure for arbitration, in which an impartial third party makes a binding decision on the dispute.

Collective Bargaining Rights

Perhaps the most important aspect of the WPEA Bargaining Agreement is the collective bargaining rights it provides for its members. Collective bargaining is the process by which employees negotiate with their employers for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. The WPEA Bargaining Agreement gives WPEA members the right to engage in collective bargaining with their employers.

In conclusion, the WPEA Bargaining Agreement is an important document that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for WPEA-represented employees. It provides for fair wages, benefits, and working conditions, as well as a process for resolving disputes and engaging in collective bargaining. As a WPEA member, it is important to be familiar with the agreement and your rights under it.